A system that grows to suit your demands
The extendable multi-purpose system - your 24-hr helping hand

The aquaristics computer iks aquastar is a state-of the art system of modular construction that caters for all of your needs where automatic monitoring and control of every major water and lighting factor is concerned for both fresh- and seawater aquariums.
With it, you can build up your own individual system to suit your personal requirements and your pocket.

Regardless of whether you want a good-value means of monitoring and regulating lighting, temperature and pH-value in your tank with a standard set-up or you want to automate as many extra functions as you can think of, the iks aquastar is the answer! Besides extensive timed functions, youalso have at your fingertips measuring modules for pH-value, redox potential, temperature, conductivity, waterlevel, oxygen und air pressure.

Additional modules are currently undergoing development.
Up to eight of these modules can be connected to the system in any combination.
Thus, it is possible, for example, to take multiple pH measurements (e.g. in a calcium reactor and in the aquarium) or even in several tanks quite independently of each other.

System Description

Euro 360,00 Toevoegen
Serial PC-interface cable - 3 mtr.
Interface: Serial PC-interface (for data analysis and the update facility)

Euro 23,95 Toevoegen
Serial PC-interface cable - 5 mtr.

Euro 45,38 Toevoegen
Serial PC-interface cable - 10 mtr.

Euro 63,02 Toevoegen
<b>pH - MODULE</b> pH - MODULE

You can continuously measure and regulate the pH-value of your aquarium with the help of this module.
As the module is galvanically separated from the basis system, the pH-value can also be measured at different points within a single water circuit without the individual sensors having an effect on each other.
Use in freshwater aquariums
Control of the CO2 supply (fertilizing) via a solenoid valve connected to an iks switch socket panel.
You can also programme night-time deactivation.

Use in seawater aquariums
Control of a calcium reactor in order to obtain optimum solubility of the calcium.
In addition, you can simultaneously measure the pH-value in the tank using a second module!

Euro 210,00 Toevoegen
Calibration solution pH 4 - 50 ml

Euro 7,95 Toevoegen
Calibration solution pH 7 - 50 ml

Euro 7,95 Toevoegen
Calibration solution pH 10 - 50 ml

Euro 7,95 Toevoegen
<b>REDOX - Module</b> REDOX - Module

You can continuously measure and regulate the redox potential of your aquarium with the help of this module.
As the module is galvanically separated from the basis system, the redox potential can also be measured at different points within a single water circuit without the individual sensors having an effect on each other.
You can choose between having the redox potential displayed on the iks aquastar in mV or as the rH-value.
  • Control of an O2 system with falling redox potential.
  • Control of a nitrate filter (regulation in the negative range).
    While doing so, you can simultaneously measure the value in the aquarium using an additional module.

  • Euro 237,00 Toevoegen
    Calibration solution Redox 230 mV - 50 ml

    Euro 9,88 Toevoegen
    <b>TEMPERATURE - Module</b> TEMPERATURE - Module

    The temperature can be precisely and continuously measured and controlled in your aquarium with the temperature module.
    You can stipulate a variety of settings for day and night, and for summer and winter, too.
    You can reproduce natural changes in temperature in your aquarium.
    The waterproof temperature sensor also allows temperature measurement in the bed of the aquarium, for example.
    Please be aware that the factors pH, oxygen and conductivity are, in part, very highly dependent on temperature.
    With the help of a temperature module, automatic temperature compensation can be carried out for every factor.
    So, including a temperature module in your system is extremely useful even you don't use it to control temperature.

    An example of application
    Let's say you want to control the floor heating system, the main heating unit (e.g. a heating element, and a cooler all with one temperature module.
    A realistic example:
    At 25°C, Socket 1 with a floor heating system is activated.
    If the heating output of this is insufficient in winter and the temperture falls, a heating element connected to Socket 2 will be switched on.
    However, if the temperature in summer rises to 27°C, an aerator/cooler on Socket 3 cut in.
    In addition, you can set different values for day/night and summer/winter!

    Euro 130,50 Toevoegen
    <b>LEVEL - Module</b> LEVEL - Module

    You can fully automatically ensure a constant water level in your aquarium using the water-level module (automatic level system).
    The float switch used is installed inside a casing protected from waves to prevent a pump switching on and off unnecessarily.
    In the unlikely event of the float switch failing, a timed alarm can be triggered to prevent flooding your living room.
    That means: if the specified level is not reached within a certain period of time, the pump will be pre-emptorily deactivated.
    The alarm time for this depends on the connected pump and can be easily set as the user wishes.

    Euro 112,50 Toevoegen
    <b>CONDUCTIVITY - Module</b> CONDUCTIVITY - Module

    Just as all the other models are, the coductivity module is suitable for both freshwater and seawater aquariums.
    In freshwater aquariums, the conductivity is displayed in µS/cm.
    In the case of seawater aquariums you can choose between having the conductivity displayed in mS/cm, the salt content or the density!
    All measurements are relative to a reference temperature of 25°C.
    In the section Tips and Tricks, you will find a table for the conversion of conductivity into salt content and density.

  • For example, if conductivity is falling you can add salt-water, and if it is increasing then distilled water or osmosis water.

  • Euro 275,00 Toevoegen
    Calibration solution Conductivity - 50 ml
    Conductivity 1 mS/cm (1000 uS)

    Euro 7,95 Toevoegen
    Calibration solution Conductivity - 50 ml
    Conductivity 50 mS/cm

    Euro 7,95 Toevoegen
    <b>OXYGEN - Module</b> OXYGEN - Module

    Using the oxygen module, the iks aquastar can continuously measure and regulate the oxygen content in your aquarium.
    And while it's doing so, you can have the oxygen content displayed in mg/l or the oxygen saturation in %.
    As the module is galvanically separated from the basis system, the oxygen content can be measured at different points in a water circuit without the individual sensors having an effect on each other.
    Of course, the oxygen sensor is suited to freshwater and seawater.

    Why measure the oxygen content?
    Oxygen is one of the elementary components of our planet.
    No higher life forms are possible without it, neither on land nor in water.
    Measuring the oxygen content can help you, as an aquarium enthusiast, to discover where care and attention is failing.
    If the O2 content is constantly too low, feed, the population density, filters and plant growth must be checked and sources of higher organic pressure localised.
    Fish that are constantly subjected to oxygen deficits often suffer from lack of appetite, immune deficiencies and more frequent occurence of infections.
    Their life expectancy falls.

    Euro 396,00 Toevoegen
    <b>PRESSURE - Module</b> PRESSURE - Module

    The air-pressure module
    You can use the air-pressure module to measure the absolute air pressure.
    Please note that it is the relative air pressure that is given in, for example, weather reports or other media.
    The relative air pressure always refers to sea-level.

    This module was developed to automatically compensate for the relatively high dependency of the oxygen saturation in the water on air pressure.
    If the air pressure is not taken into consideration, it is quite feasible that errors in measurement can result of around 5% in the figure for oxygen saturation.

  • Automatic air-pressure compensation when measuring oxygen saturation
    Technical data
  • Measuring range 200 mbar to 1050 mbar

  • Euro 121,50 Toevoegen
    <b>Sensor Holder</b> Sensor Holder
    With this sensor holder, you can attach up to four sensors to your aquarium.The holder is suitable for vertical as well as horizontal fitting. For wall-thickness up to 16 mm.

    Euro 29,00 Toevoegen
    <b>SWITCH - SOCKET</b> 1006 SWITCH - SOCKET 1006

    Switch outputs / switch-socket panels
    For control and activation/deactivation of lighting, heating, pumps, valves.....
    Up to four switch socket panels can be connected to the iks aquastar system, each with four switch outputs.
    You can therefore individually control a total of 16 sockets.
    The iks switch socket panel comes in two models: one is a panel (item no. 1006) whose sockets (outputs) are switched on or off by the iks aquastar and the other is a variable-output (or "dimmable") version (item no. 1009) whose output can be progressively changes with the help of an integrated phase-angle control unit.
    This panel has been specially developed for the simulation of current an natural light.
    Note: Only for 220-250V / 50Hz with an Europlug

    Euro 139,00 Toevoegen
    SWITCH - SOCKET 1009

    version (item no. 1009) whose output can be progressively changes with the help of an integrated phase-angle control unit.

    Euro 262,50 Toevoegen
    <b>External Display 2</b> 1013 External Display 2 1013

    The external display II unit 1013
    Information neatly and elegantly packaged.
    The clear presentation of this information and alarm panel for your iks aquastar provides you with all need at a glance.
    Up to 4 readings are displayed at a time.
    You can see whether or not the readings are OK and in which direction a control function is activated at that particular moment.
    The integrated acoustic alarm notifies you immediately if anything steps out of line.

    The display panel has a serial interface and can be set at up to 30m away from the base system.
    However, an additional mains supply is necessary for greater distances.
    In contrast to LCD panels, this display panel can always be viewed easily from practically any angle, regardless of whether by day or by night.

    The installation kit, including a surround in a brushed stainless-steel look, supplied with the unit allows easy fitting into existing fascias and cabinets.
    Of course, wall-mounting is possible as well.
    To give the observer the best view possible of the display panel, it can be tilted along its horizontal axis.

    Euro 325,00 Toevoegen
    <b>SIMMOD</b> SIMMOD
    The sun, moon and aquastar...
    ...and see your aquarium in quite a different light !

    iks aquastar SIMMOD 0 (1) -10V,
    the interface based on lighting and automation technology,
    now available in the field of aquaristics, too.
    This 4-channel module allows the multitude of simulations of light and current that the iks aquastar and iks aquastar midi systems provide to be used to their greatest effect.
    All you require to be able to dim fluorescent tubes are electronically dimmable ballast units (ECG e.g. Osram (Quicktronic®) , Philips (HF-Regulator) etc.).
    Contact the manufacturer of your particular lighting for details of the appropriate ballast units !
    In its "System 60", the German company Giesemann Lichttechnik (Giesemann Lighting) provides a suitable lighting unit with the appropriate means of connection.

    Euro 139,90 Toevoegen
    <b>SMS Controller Set</b> SMS Controller Set

    Text messages from your aquarium —
    World-wide, everything under control!

    Your water readings ... by SMS to your mobile phone, world-wide.
    By connecting this controller to the iks aquastar and iks aquastar midi systems, the readings can be sent to a mobile phone anywhere in the world by SMS. If a reading exceeds certain limits (alarm), the module automatically sends an SMS. In other words: you receive timely notification that enables you to take steps to prevent what could otherwise be worse damage. The latest readings can be called up from anywhere in the world at any time, provided, of course, your mobile phone has network connection.

    Just imagine you are on holiday and are lying on a beautiful beach. Your beautiful and precious aquarium suddenly comes to mind and you ask yourself if everything is ok with it? You can rest assured. If something was wrong, you would have received an SMS. Nevertheless, you want to make absolutely sure so you have an SMS with the readings sent to you and carry on enjoying the rest of your holiday.


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