dupla Heating system dupla Heating system

<br><br><b>Dupla Thermic Set 120 </B>/ 20 Watt</b>

Dupla Thermic Set 120 / 20 Watt

Ground convection heater for activating roots in aquariums up to 120 liters.

The Dupla Thermic Set warms the substrate material alone. The resulting temperature difference causes oxygen-rich water to circulate into the lower substrate layers and nutrients to circulate into the upper layers. For aquarium heating an additional regulated heater is necessary. Supplied with safety isolating transformer.
The Dupla Therm heating systems (ground heating with a low voltage of 24V) and the ground convector Dupla Thermik Set developed by Dupla play a crucial role in ensuring ideal living conditions in the aquarium. By upwelling the heated water on the ground, the heating cable on the aquarium bed integrates the bed into the chemical and physical cycle of the entire aquarium. This ideal heating system for aquariums meets not just one but several requirements:

1. As in natural waters, the ground is also heated. If only the aquarium water is heated, as is the case when using a bar heater, the water may be warm but the aquarium bed will still have room temperature, thus making plants suffer from the notorious �cold feet�.
2. A ground heating system copies the groundwater current found in natural waters, the roots are supplied with nutrients, and the substances given off by the roots are carried off.
3. A stable redox potential in the ground, preventing it from turning black. In connection with Dupla Root (see Dupla fertilising system), the plants are supplied with an ideal iron depot such as that of tropical waters.
4. Complete safety for man and animal, even when damaged.

The two heating systems differ in that Dupla Therm Set heats the entire aquarium, the Dupla Thermik Set, on the other hand, only heats the aquarium bed while the aquarium itself is heated by a water heater.

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Dupla Thermic Set 240 / 40 Watt
Ground convection heater for activating roots in aquariums up to 240 liters.
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Dupla Thermic Set 360 / 60 Watt
Ground convection heater for activating roots in aquariums up to 360 liters.

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<b>Dupla Therm 250 </B>/  100 Watt Dupla Therm 250 / 100 Watt
DuplaTherm 250: 7 mtr. aquariums up to 250 ltr.
Heating system consisting of Duplamat safety transformer and Duplaflex heating cable. Sufficient for the entire heating of one aquarium of up to 250 litres. Water temperature can be regulated exactly using the Dupla T-Control Alpha or Delta.
Depending on the size of the aquarium, you can choose between four different sizes of Duplaflex heating cables, including the transformer Duplamat 150 / 300, for installation on the bottom of the aquarium.

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<b>Dupla Therm 500 </B>/  150 Watt</b> Dupla Therm 500 / 150 Watt
Duplaflex 500: 10 mtr. aquariums up to 500 ltr.
including the transformer Duplamat 150.
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Dupla Therm 750 / 200 Watt
Duplaflex 750: 13 mtr. aquariums up to 750 ltr.
including the transformer Duplamat 300.
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Dupla Therm 1000/ 250 Watt
Duplaflex 1000: 17 mtr. aquariums up to 1000 ltr.
including the transformer Duplamat 300.

For automatic control of temperature in the Aquarium, two controllers are offered:
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<b>Dupla T-Control PRO</b> Dupla T-Control PRO
Microprocessor-controlled Dual-circuit-temperature Controller with Timer function Two temperature sensors, two independently of one another controlled temperature circuits.
  • six programming combinations of water temperature, substrate temperature, water cooling or timer switch on two program positions
  • two aquaria can be controlled independently
  • temperature control possible in 0.1 °C increments
  • timer switch with seconds and interval function
  • for temperatur night reduction with 2 on/off switching times
  • adjustable visual and audio alarm
  • blue illuminated display showing all target and actual values
  • separation between operating element and power supply by USB connector
  • power supply with 2 slots and LED status indication
  • socket slots feature manual on/off switch function
  • memory function avoids loss of data during power cuts
  • includes 2 temperature sensors with USB connector
    Our Product brochures as adobe pdf file.

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    <b>Dupla T-Control Alpha </b> Dupla T-Control Alpha
    The T-Control Alpha is a more sophisticated controller based on a RISC microprocessor. It uses a dual channel switching unit enabling new possibilities for temperature control in the aquarium. The main switching channel can control the substrate heating which may now be sized with only the substrate in mind, as the second channel can be used to control a supplementary heater to maintain temperature in the aquarium water.
    The T-control Alpha also features programmable upper and lower visual and audible alarms to signal should a problem occur.

    Co2 system - Heating - pH & MULTI CONTROL
    Protein skimmers - Calcium reactor - Nitrate filter - Siliphos filter - Fluidised Bed Reactor

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