Aqualog REFERENCE Books Aqualog REFERENCE Books

<b>Asian Arowana</b> Asian Arowana
The Asian Arowanas belong to the most fascinating fish in the world.Due to their brilliant colours, their large scales, their way of swimming and their large fins they remind to the ancient and mythological dragon. This book reflects the actual status quo of the captive bred Asian Arowana in fascinating, brilliant colour photographs
( 224 pages many colour pictures)
  • ISBN 3-936027-96-X

  • Euro 56,00 Toevoegen
    <b>Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish</b> Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish
    This book has been produced by Ian A. M. Fuller & Hans-Georg Evers, in an attempt to remove much of the confusion within the hobby today when it comes to the identification of these wonderful little fishes. The book is produced in A5(approx. 6 inches X 8 inches) format, hardcover and consists of 384 pages, with 463 color photos. It covers all the known species of Corydoradinae Catfish, Aspidoras, Brochis, Corydoras, Scleromystax and C-Numbers. It gives the type locality, distribution, Etymology, Size and appropriate remarks for each species.
    A must for the serious Cory cat lovers!!

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    <b>Polypterus</b> Polypterus
    These fish have survived the dinosaurs.
    When 60 million years ago these giant lizards roamed the world, the Polypterus commonly named Bichirs were also around.
    They breathe through lungs and their young have external gills, as you will find only in newts and salamanders.
    They are fascinating witnesses of past times and still very much alive, vital and adapted to modern live.
    The Bichirs have always attracted the attention of biologists.
    Despite this fact, it is the first time in the history of literature that all known species are presented in one book.
    In the framework of a five-year research for this Aqualog Reference book, all type of material has been studied, which showed that several species were still new to science.
    To be able to picture one species for the first time, a collecting expedition was organized.
    Allow yourself to be captivated by the more than 180 fantastic, large-format photos.
    In addition, extensive information is provided on the maintenance and breeding of bichirs and reedfishes in the aquarium.
  • Format: DIN A4, 176 pages,
  • 180 half page colour photos
  • Author: Frank Schäfer.
  • ISBN 3-936027-39-0

  • Euro 56,00 Toevoegen
    <b>Loricariidae: Alle L-Welse / all L-Numbers</b> Loricariidae: Alle L-Welse / all L-Numbers
    This is the fully revised new version of the most successful aquarium book of the last decade. The book contains all f-number and LDA Number catfishes, from L01 to L350 and from LDA 01 to LDA76. All important characters and care instructions are available in symbols. The symbol explanations in ten different languages. It is a unique standard work, recognised worldwide. The book is indispensable for trade, breeders and aquarium hobbyists who keep these wonderful fishes.
  • 272 pages, 1800 colour photos.
  • Author: Erwin Schraml & Frank Schäfer.
  • ISBN 3-936027-51-X

  • Euro 56,00 Toevoegen
    <b>South American Cichlids I </b> South American Cichlids I
    Excellent colour photographs show all Cichla, Crenicichla, Teleocichla, Guianacara, Geophagus, Gymnogeophagus, Satanoperca, Acarichthys, Uaru, Biotodoma, Astronotus, Retroculus and Chaetobranchopsis.
  • 112 pages, 500 colour photos.
  • Author: U. Glaser sen.
  • ISBN 3-931702-04-9

  • Euro 20,00 Toevoegen
    South American Cichlids II
    Vol. 2 contains on phantastic photos of renowned photographers all dwarf cichlids like Apistogramma, Biotoecus, Crenicara, Dicrossus, Nannacara, Taeniacara and Microgeophagus, previously known as Papiliochromis
  • 112 pages, 500 colour photos.
  • Author: U. Glaser sen.
  • ISBN 3-931702-07-3

  • Euro 20,00 Toevoegen
    South American Cichlids III
    This volume shows the collective genera Aequidens, Cichlasoma and their relatives Acaronia, Caquetaia, Petenia, and Herotilapia . Changes of scientific names up to 1998 are considered.
  • 144 pages, 650 colour photos.
  • Author: U. Glaser sen.
  • ISBN 3-931702-10-3

  • Euro 20,00 Toevoegen
    <b>South American Cichlids IV </b> South American Cichlids IV
    Volume IVshows beautiful discus and angels. Wild caughts, German, other European and Asian breeding forms plus all variants, colour and breeding forms.
  • 240 pages, 900 colour photos.
  • Author: M. Göbel & H. J. Mayland.
  • ISBN 3-931702-75-8

  • Euro 40,00 Toevoegen
    <b>All Labyrinths</b> All Labyrinths
    The first comprehensive book with all anabantoid fishes, plus all snakeheads, nandids, and related families that show many behavioural parallels to labyrinths or anabantoids. Further, this book provides a determination key to the genus Betta. It became immediately the number one identification lexicon of the Betta societies the world over!
  • 144 pages, 650 colour photos.
  • Author: Dipl. Biol. F. Schäfer
  • ISBN 3-931702-21-9

  • Euro 20,00 Toevoegen
    <b>All Corydoras</b> All Corydoras
    All known plated catfish are presented. Besides the genera Aspidoras, Brochis, Callichthys, Corydoras, Dianema, and Hoplosternum all variants, mutants, hybrids, cultivated forms, and undescribed forms ("C-numbers") are shown.
  • 144 pages, 650 colour photos.
  • Author: U. Glaser sen.
  • ISBN 3-937102-13-8

  • Euro 20,00 Toevoegen
    <b>All Livebearers and Halfbeaks </b> All Livebearers and Halfbeaks
    The first reference book to show not only the well known guppies, mollies, swordtails, platies, etc., but also all the others. All wild and cultivated forms and colour variants as well as all Halfbeaks.
  • 352 pages, 2000 colour photos.
  • Author: M. Kemkes and F. Schäfer.
  • ISBN 3-931702-77-4

  • Euro 69,00 Toevoegen
    <b>Killifish of the World: Old World Killis 1 </b> Killifish of the World: Old World Killis 1
    "Freshwater Jewels" is another name for the beautiful killis - you will know why after having seen the amazing array of colours displayed by the fishes of the group presented in this book: Aphyosemion, Lampeyes und Ricefishes.
  • 160 pages, 890 colour photos.
  • Author: Dr. L. Seegers.
  • ISBN 3-931702-25-1

  • Euro 30,00 Toevoegen
    Killifish of the World: Old World Killis 2
    This sequel introduces the groups of Panchax, Aplocheilus, Epiplatys, Nothobranchius, Aphanius and others. Their colours and size (most of them reach only 3-8 cm) make them the ideal aquarium inhabitants.
  • 112 pages, 550 colour photos.
  • Author: Dr. L. Seegers.
  • ISBN 3-931702-30-8

  • Euro 28,00 Toevoegen
    Killifish of the World: New World Killis
    This book adds to the series on killifishes with the groups from the New World: Rivulus, Cynolebias, Fundulus, Pterolebias, and others.
  • 224 pages, 1200 colour photos.
  • Author: Dr. L. Seegers.
  • ISBN 3-931702-76-6

  • Euro 55,00 Toevoegen
    <b>African Cichlids I</b> African Cichlids I
    This book actually shows all the Mbuna species that have been discovered in the Lake Malawi so far.
  • 240 pages, 1500 colour photos.
  • Author: E. Schraml.
  • ISBN 3-931702-79-0

  • Euro 48,00 Toevoegen
    <b>African Cichlids II, Lake Tanganyika 1</b> African Cichlids II, Lake Tanganyika 1
    Lake Tanganyika is one of the most fascinating lakes in the world. The cichlids of Lake Tanganyika dominate the fish fauna, in number of species as well as in numbers of specimens. The species of the cichlid genus Tropheus are so specialized in feeding habits, that they are not able disperse beyond rocky areas. As a result the fish of this genus developed its own quite distinguishable colour variety for almost every single reef in the enormous lake. Because the display of colour is an important factor in the courtship behaviour of this fish, the different varieties developed beautiful colouration patterns. For the first time ever, all known colour varieties, over 120 including the latest, never pictured varieties, are described and pictured. A study of over 10 year by the author Peter Schupke, resulted in a comprehensive book in which the latest scientific methods have been included. For the aquarium hobbyist al needed information for successful care and breeding of these beautiful species are provided. With this book aquarium hobbyists and scientists will have a unique reference book which, as all Aqualog reference books, will stay up-to-date for many years with the well known Aqualog supplement system.
  • 192 pages, 450 colour photos.
  • Author: Peter Schupke.
  • ISBN 3-936027-38-2

  • Euro 56,00 Toevoegen
    <b>African Cichlids III / MALAWI II<br> African Cichlids III / MALAWI II

    The main topic of this third AQUALOG reference book on the cichlids of Africa is the genus Aulonocara. These splendid fishes, known in English-speaking countries as Malawi Peacocks, are amongst the most magnificent and beautiful fishes in the world. Their glorious colors, their relatively peaceful nature, their small body size, and their interesting behavior, are combined by Mother Nature to make the members of this genus ideal aquarium fishes. In African Cichlids III all the species of this genus known to science, as well as their numerous geographical variants, plus some species not yet scientifically described, are illustrated to a level of completeness never before achieved. In addition, this volume also presents all the species and variants of the genera Alticorpus, Lethrinops, Taeniolethrinops, and Tramitichromis, as well as the variants of the species Astatotilapia calliptera that live in the Lake Malawi. With 128 pages, hardcover, and over 470 brilliant color photos, another achievement for breeders, dealers, and hobbyists interested in African Cichlids.
    Author: Erwin Schraml
    ISBN 3-936027-59-5

    Euro 32,00 Toevoegen
    <b>All Rainbows and related families </b> All Rainbows and related families
    The name already says it: colourful like a rainbow. All rainbow fishes known today are described. A lot of these beauties still live undiscovered in their biotopes because in many countries, like for example Papua New Guinea, collectors have to work under extremely difficult conditions.
  • 144 pages, 700 colour photos.
  • Author: Harro Hieronimus.
  • ISBN 3-931702-80-4

  • Euro 36,00 Toevoegen
    <b>Freshwater Rays </b> Freshwater Rays
    This unique referencebook covers all known species of freshwater stingrays in their entire variety. For the first time in the history of the aquarium literature, you now have a complete reference work in which the South American river stingrays (Potamotrygonidae), as well as the Asian, African, Australian, and North American freshwater species are presented. The sawfishes are included completely. The species from all over the world, visiting brackish water, are introduced in addition.
  • 192 pages, 400 colour photos.
  • Author: Dr. R. Ross and Dipl. Biol. F. Schäfer
  • ISBN 3-931702-93-6

  • Euro 36,00 Toevoegen
    <b>The puffers of fresh and brackish waters </b> The puffers of fresh and brackish waters
    This is the first aquarium hobby monograph on fresh- and brackish-water pufferfishes. The author, who has been keeping these fishes for more than 40 years, provides detailed maintenance data on 29 species from this fascinating group. All described fresh- and brackish-water species, from all over the world, are portrayed in the identification section of this AQUALOG. Some 300 stunning colour photographs offer proof that puffers are not only useful snail-eaters but also colourful fishes, extraordinary in their form. For the first time in the aquarium literature, species that have never yet been imported alive are included. The latest scientific literature has been researched. Thus, all in all, this AQUALOG constitutes a unique work of reference that has much to offer not only the novice but also aquarists and scientists specialising in puffers. Like every AQUALOG, this pictorial lexicon includes provision for supplementation as new species are discovered, and can thus be kept completely up-to-date. The unique code-number system permits precise identification, even in the case of colour variants with no individual scientific name.
  • 96 pages, 300 colour photos.
  • Author: Dr Klaus Ebert
  • ISBN: 3-93170260-X


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